About Route2025

The Saarland's support services for EU Research Funding

Route2025 offers a wide range of information and support services to complement the Saarland's existing EU funding helpdesks:

  • Individual support: face-to-face meetings provide general advice on EU funding and/or the possibility of discussing your proposal ideas
  • Proposal writing assistance: count on comprehensive support for both joint research or individual project proposals
  • One-stop web portal: find relevant information concentrated and focussed towards the Saarland's stakeholder interests
  • Complete project database: all Horizon 2020 funded research and innovation projects with Saarland participation at a glance
  • Always up to date: stay on top with current news and a monthly newsletter
  • Practice makes perfect: workshops, webinars and info events
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Improving the use of existing innovation potential plays a central role in the „Innovation Strategy for the Saarland as of 2016“. Based on this, Route2025's aim is to actively support the Saarland's universities, research institutes and companies to increase their participation in all European Research and Innovation funding programmes, with a particular focus on the current EU framework programme "Horizont 2020“. Strengthening the Saarland's university and research landscape will also help boost the state's economic location advantage, allowing the Saarland to better position itself internationally.

Our goal

  • Strengthen the Saarland's research capacity at universities and research institutes
  • Raise the innovative power of the Saarland economy
  • Internationalise the Saarland's area of research and innovation
About us

About us

The Saarland University is responsible for the management and coordination of Route2025, more specifically its Department for Research Management and Transfer. They are in charge of providing advice about possible exploitation and transfer strategies, enabling a timely exchange with relevant contacts within the Department (e.g. Patent Marketing Agency, start-up consulting) and acting as the main link between Saarland start-ups and SMEs. They promote potential cooperations by establishing contact with these companies and matching them with researchers from the University and other research institutions. In Route2025 the Saarland University works closely with Eurice GmbH, and represents the first point of contact for its researchers.

Eurice GmbH supports the Saarland University with all Route2025 actions. Being a well established EU project management office, it offers not only individual EU funding advice and proposal writing support, but also organises training and information events. Eurice also carries out communication and dissemination measures surrounding Route2025, such as maintaining the website and its project database.

Route2025 information and consulting services are open to all of the Saarland's innovation stakeholders:

  • Universities
  • Research institutions
  • Companies especially SMEs

This initiative cooperates closely with other representatives and multipliers from innovation and research funding, such as:

  • Technology clusters
  • Business development
  • Research funding departments
The Team
Binafsha Kalandarova
Universität des Saarlandes
Nina Christmann
Universität des Saarlandes
Maria Azofra
EURICE – European Research and Project Office GmbH
Katrin Boisvert-Bilodeau
EURICE – European Research and Project Office GmbH